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A Hardware-Based Software Protection Dongle

CodeMeter offers you a secure, state-of-the-art, anti-piracy software protection via a dongle.

Choose the Software Protection Dongle Suitable for your Needs

CodeMeter is available in many form factors for different interfaces: USB, PCMCIA (Cardbus), Express Card, SD Card, µSD Card, and CF Card. This variety of form factors enables a huge range of secure software protection from software used in mobile phones to embedded software used in industrial machinery.

Software Protection Dongles

CodeMeter supports many operating systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP Server, Windows Vista, Windows 2007 Server, Windows 7, Windows Embedded, Windows Embedded 2009 and 2011, Windows CE, Mac OS X (including Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard), Sun Solaris, and different Linux distributions.

Comprehensive License Management

CodeMeter provides you a unique license management system for ultimate software protection. You simply map your products and modules as license entries into the CodeMeter stick, and your software runs depending on the programmed license. This could be either as an unlimited single user, floating network, time-limited, or modular license.

With the CodeMeter.exe (the CodeMeter License Server runtime) we provide you with a runtime component which automatically manages the licenses on the local PC, or on the network involving a single dongle and several applications, or a single application and several dongles.

The display of available or allocated licenses, and the borrowing of licenses from a license server is also integrated in the CodeMeter executable.

Software Protection and License Management using a Dongle

Optionally, CodeMeter also supports pure software-based licenses. CodeMeterAct uses licenses bound to PC characteristics you are able to define.

(*) Wibu-Systems is the only supplier of software protection dongles facing up a Hacker’s Contest. For the fourth time in a row, 2,000 hackers were not successful in cracking the protection (although the dongle and the matching license was shipped).